Day 25: A PhD time management tip

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60/60: 60 short videos for PhD students in 60 days
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day 21: decision fatigue
day 23: decision fatigue and writing


Time management is obviously very important in a PhD, but when it goes wrong, your plan can become a burden rather than a tool that helps you. There are aspects to effective planning.

One I think is worth factoring in is the decision fatigue I’ve talked about in previous videos

Try to balance tiring, decision-heavy work with easier, routine tasks to ease exhaustion and maintain momentum!

Day 23: Decision fatigue and writing

Watch “Day 21: Decision Fatigue”
60/60: 60 short videos for PhD students in 60 days

A few days ago, I talked about decision fatigue; when you have to make a lot of decisions it’s tiring, and the more tired you get the harder it is to make good decisions and the easier it is to slip into bad habits.

Writing is all about decision making because there are countless ways to express and arrange your ideas. A lot of people avoid making decisions and just write, but this means you have to do all the decision making at the end when you’re under the most pressure…

Day 21: Decision fatigue

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Day 23: Decision fatigue and academic writing

When recording these videos, I’m not following much of a plan. I’m just giving whatever tips come to mind on a day by day basis.

This gives me a lot of flexibility, but it also means I have to constantly make decisions about what to do. This can be tiring and can lead to decision fatigue.

This decision fatigue not only makes it harder to make decisions but also to avoid easy, habitual bad choices…

Day 20: Sometimes others can see what you can’t

60/60: 60 short videos for PhD students in 60 days

Sometimes, when you show your work to other people, they can see obvious solutions that you can’t when just working alone.

This happened to me yesterday when I announced the start date for my course on academic writing as the 15th of August; my girlfriend pointed out that this is right in the middle of a month when most people are on holiday!

It’s obvious, but sometimes it takes someone else’s perspective…

I’m going to run the session on the 15th anyway, but am adding two extra live sessions on Wednesday 5th September at 9 am UK time and Thursday 6th at 3 pm UK time.

You can click here to get your tickets!


Day 19: An Announcement

How to Write Your PhD Thesis, Part 1: The Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Click the link above to get your spot on the course!


How to Write Your PhD Thesis, Part 1: The Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Live session, 15th August, 1 pm to 4 pm UK time


This is the best course on academic writing you will ever find, showing you EXACTLY what to do at each step of the process. Follow the exercises and adapt the principles to your project and you’ll find that writing isn’t nearly as difficult or stressful as you might think.

Do you ever…

  • Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work to do?
  • Get lost in the literature?
  • Struggle to start or edit the 10th draft of a chapter?
  • Suffer from writer’s block?
  • Feel like you’re working and working but nothing ever gets finished?

Or do you ever feel that you’re trying your best but you’ve never had the right guidance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you. Whether you’re just starting your PhD or pushing towards completion, this course is here to help you.

Academic writing can be enjoyable

Yes, it’s true. A lot of people suffer because they are working hard without seeing a positive outcome. Words go down on the page, but they aren’t happy with what they’ve done.

But with the right guidance and by developing the right skills we can make sure that your effort produces something you can be proud of. Writing can become enjoyable, rather than a source of stress.

Course structure

In this course, you’ll learn, step by step, how to write each part of your thesis, starting with the introduction and taking each section one at a time.

Module 1: Fundamentals
Module 2: How to Write an Introduction
Module 3: How to Write Your Literature Review
Module 4: Methods and Methodology
Module 5: Presenting your Results, Analysis and Discussion
Module 6: Conclusions and Preparing to Submit and Defend

In this first session, we’ll lay the foundation with some essential principles as well as some common mistakes to avoid. We need to recognize bad habits before replacing them with good ones!

You will learn:

  • How to start untangling the mess of ideas in your head
  • How to create a very quick first draft of a chapter or section
  • How to deal with writer’s block and perfectionism
  • How to avoid the most common writing mistakes
  • Techniques for avoiding distraction and focusing your attention

You’ll also start to assess your potential content and potential obstacles. This will be done using a series of specific, in-depth questions; answering these will tell you exactly what you need to communicate to your readers.

About the course

The aim of the course is to cover as much of the thesis writing process as possible, as simply as possible.

These live sessions will be recorded and available to watch later. You will also have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and chat with other attendees between live sessions and after the course ends (because questions may come up months later!)

The course schedule isn’t fixed at the moment as I’m juggling multiple commitments, so I’m announcing one module at a time, but module 2 (on thesis introductions) will run in September.


Some important information

The session will last up to 3 hours (with breaks!) depending on the number of questions asked.

The ticket price only covers this first module. Later modules will have to be purchased separately.

Please note that the live session will run from 2 pm until 5 pm European time. Please double check the time where you are!

To join the session, you’ll be sent a link at least 24 hours before the event starts.

If you have any questions please email


How to Write Your PhD Thesis, Part 1: The Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Click the link above to get your spot on the course!