Contradictory beliefs

When you have two (or more) contradictory beliefs, it’s as if you have two forces pulling you in opposite directions.

I have to write the best thesis, but I’m terrible at writing

I won’t pass my PhD, but I can’t quit

I am capable of anything, but I can’t do this

These contradictory beliefs put you under immense strain. They take up so much mental energy, but it’s purely destructive because the energy has nowhere to go.

What contradictory beliefs do you hold? What beliefs can you let go of?

1 thought on “Contradictory beliefs”

  1. One has to counter such irrational beliefs with evidence! For example, however bad you are at something, you can improve with training, practice and patience. Draw on examples from your past when you have mastered a skill. I find that helps…
    Karen ( a very mature PhD student)

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