Day 15: Academic writing: How to get started

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When writing, it’s often difficult to know where to start. But there are some simple tricks you can use which apply to almost any project.
First, describe a situation, then a problem or question that arises from that situation.
That then sets up a context for the information that follows.
This structure applies to the thesis as a whole, but also to individual chapters and sections.
This is obviously just a brief introduction to this concept, and it takes some thought to apply it to your own project, but once you master this idea everything gets much easier to write and to read.

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Academic writing: How to get started”

  1. Very helpful guide to think about a dissertation, not only has a whole, but also as applying it to individuals chapters. Thanks!

  2. Most helpful guide. Simple yet very clear framework for thinking and writing.

    Situation. Problem. Question.

    Thank you James.


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