Day 18: Where is your attention?

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Part of your job as a writer is to get and to hold your reader’s attention. There are ways to do this with tricks of structure, but it also depends very strongly on where your own attention is.

If your attention is jumping around from one idea to another, then this will come through in the writing.

But if you are calm, you can stay focused on one point at a time and then gently lead from one idea to the next.

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Writing tip: where is your attention?

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3 thoughts on “Day 18: Where is your attention?

  1. Great one! Social media and the internet make it too easy to get distracted, in turn making it all the more too easy to flit between ideas on the page, rather than focussing on one idea, slowly and carefully, before the other. This is a great reminder that we need to force the mind to calm down and focus – thanks!

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