Day 2: It’s not enough to just start

In the last few videos, I’ve talked about not waiting for conditions to be perfect before starting something and about trying to make small improvements every day.

While it’s important to start and not to let perfectionism hold you back, that doesn’t mean you should avoid the work of making things better.

When you’re writing, for example, if you just write 10’s of thousands of words without learning how to assess and improve your work, you’re effectively procrastinating over editing because editing is difficult and scary.

So don’t wait for conditions to be perfect, but don’t wait to start improving, either. It’s all about balance!

Today’s small improvements

I moved the camera up to eye level, and also figured out how to upload faster to YouTube. I’m also adding a page where you’ll be able to find all the videos I upload.

4 thoughts on “Day 2: It’s not enough to just start”

  1. Hi James,
    Have been absorbing the ideas you share on the U tube, and other forms. They are quite provocative and challenging one’s own status quo and confident buliding. I find them quite useful in my teaching as well. Thanks a lot for being committed to a mission that many fear to talk about and silently bear.

  2. Thank you for this insight. I am trying to face looking at my most messy chapter at the moment as I do not want to leave it too late as it will need at least days of editing. Will try to face it tonight !

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