Day 3: Levelling up

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Even simple things can take time and thought and mental energy when you’re doing something new. By taking care of these simple things you can make them automatic, freeing up your mental capacity to do more complex things, step by step.

I intended to add a title slide today, but it’s a bit more complicated than I thought and not possible to do in YouTube’s editor. Pushing slightly helps you find and face unexpected difficulties!

Today’s small improvements:

Today I used a real camera rather than my phone, but this adds a layer of complication because I then need to transfer that data to another device before uploading. This sounds simple, but because the file is now much larger, it takes that little bit longer (and some methods I tried, like connecting the camera to my PC via wifi, didn’t work).

Having done this, though, it’ll be faster tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3: Levelling up

  1. Your advice is certainly not limited to completing my PhD but also applicable to my everyday life. I need to challenge myself to becoming a better (the best) me!! Thank you for the important advice and for sharing the videos.

    • It’s true, this stuff all works for any project, whether it’s academic, creative, or just self-improvement! I got a lot of my insights from outside the world of PhD advice

  2. sir,
    self richa mishra , i belong to faizabad up. my highest qualification is M.Sc. Biochemistry from Dr. RMLAU Faizabad up. i am very interested for the Phd.

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