Day 0: Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect

A very quick video I made about perfectionism. I’ve been meaning to make short videos for a long time, but I get held back by my own perfectionism. Care in your work is good, but not when it stops you doing anything at all!

So today I recorded this, in very not ideal conditions, just to get over the perfectionism. I’m not going to wait for conditions to be perfect if I have a message to share!

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7 thoughts on “Day 0: Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect”

  1. Thanks James. I’ve struggled a lot with perfectionism and lots of procrastination the last two years but mainly struggled with understanding the right methodology for my research, an emerging field. Literally a puzzle. I’m finally connecting and starting to feel more confident.
    (Your coaching helps a lot 😉

  2. Great video, I am not a perfectionist by no means of the word. I like to get things done as they happen, if I waited for the perfect time nothing would get done. Great video.

  3. What a great video — thanks, James. I’m reminded of the suggestion that we shouldn’t wait for inspiration to strike before writing. Inspiration, perfection — basically just excuses for procrastination.

    • Totally agree with you, Marcia. I have also found myself in this situation myself only to realise that it is one devious form of procrastination. On that note, I also agree with you, James.

      James, I hope you are doing good!

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