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If you are a PhD student struggling to find your way in academia and you want to:

Define your project

Know how to develop your research questions, form your research plan and write your proposal

Know the steps to follow

Get control of your project, build your research skills, get good data and discover something new

Gain confidence

Overcome perfectionism, indecision and impostor syndrome, and deal with the unexpected

Develop your academic writing skills

Write your thesis, papers or literature reviews clearly, quickly and with confidence

Get things finished

Escape the cycle of endless drafts and unfinished projects. Build the habit of finishing what you start. No more "70% complete" chapters!

I help PhD students to get through their PhDs without the extreme stress that so many experience. I tailor coaching programmes to individuals to help get your project unstuck and teach specific skills and principles to ensure you can carry on independently with confidence. I also run courses and provide resources to help with the most common PhD issues, such as writing, time management, literature reviews and more.

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How it works

Through coaching and courses that help you to clarify, focus and structure your work and to develop your confidence as well as your research and writing skills.

1. Understand exactly what's required (and what isn't)

Each course is designed to help you understand exactly what's required in a PhD, why it's difficult and how it differs from everything you've done before. By breaking down each of the unique requirements and challenges of a PhD, we can then use that new understanding as a foundation for everything that follows.

2. Build your skills and confidence

Learn how to get really, really good at research and writing. Because a PhD requires new skills, you have to structure your work in a way that helps you train those skills quickly.

3. Be decisive and finish things

Because there's no syllabus to follow, you need a framework for making your own decisions about what to do (and what not to do) with confidence. You can then work on tasks to completion rather than just creating more unfinished work.

What do you get?

Clear goals and a clear path

Clarify what you are trying to achieve and follow a path with clearly defined steps.

Learn what you need to do on a day by day basis to improve your skills as a researcher, do good work and what you need to do to get it finished and submitted.

Tools and resources

Each course includes video resources outlining both fundamental principles and steps and examples to follow.

You also get worksheets to help you clarify your thoughts and decide where to focus your energy.

Ongoing group support

You are not alone!

In addition support through coaching and courses, get to know other PhD students in the same situation as you in our private facebook group. Get answers to your questions and share both your frustrations and your successes.

Enthusiasm for your work!

Get the confidence to work through any challenges with energy and enthusiasm, take pride in a job well done and submit your work with confidence!

About James Hayton

I completed my own PhD in physics in 2007. It was painful until I made some simple changes to the way I worked...

After 3 and a half years of research, I wrote my entire thesis in just 3 months, passed my defence with zero corrections, and really enjoyed the final phase of my PhD.

I've been coaching PhD students full-time since 2010

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