How to avoid plagiarism when summarizing other people’s research (video)

How do you avoid plagiarism when summarizing other people’s research?

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2 thoughts on “How to avoid plagiarism when summarizing other people’s research (video)

  1. This is very common in legal science especially if you do your research on legal institutions (like “deposit”, “mortgage”, “pacta sunt servanda in private law” ) properly so it includes what other had said about this topic long before your were even born.

    Many professors are publishing their textbooks/handbooks in a way which I call “plagiat przepisów” or in english “The plagiarism of legal act articles” (not sure if I translated it correctly). What I mean by it is that the Authors don’t say that this sentence is 1:1 copied from the legal act, they just copy-paste it without any informations, they just add some words that those words look like a sentence and not an article from a legal act. No explanations, no words how the Courts see this matter, absolutely nothing.

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