How to write your PhD thesis

A step-by-step course

How many of these apply to you?

  • There's so much to do I don't know where to start
  • I'm worried about missing something the examiner might want to see
  • I don't know how to structure my ideas
  • I'm finding new information faster than I can write about it
  • I've written a lot but can't seem to finish anything

These problems are common, and writing can be a huge source of stress, but it's OK!

Every single one of these problems is solvable...

When you take this course you will learn;

  • The confidence and skills to write better, faster
  • How to write a thesis your examiner will want to read
  • How to structure your writing using simple, easy to learn principles
  • What to include in your thesis and what to leave out
  • How to cope with perfectionism and writer's block
  • How to stay focused and motivated
  • How to get it done

Ultimately, the aim is to make sure that the hard work you put in produces a thesis you can be proud of.

How does it work?

The fundamentals

If the way you are writing now is stressful, you need a new way of thinking about and approaching writing. In the fundamentals module, we look at some simple principles and practices that will lay the foundation for the rest of the course.

Clear structure from the start

Many students just start writing, getting words down on the page, and try to add structure to the writing later. This is very inefficient. If you understand some simple principles, you can add structure from the start. This actually makes it easier to edit and rearrange things later.

A step-by-step guide

Breaking the thesis down into individual chapters, I'll show you exactly what steps to take to get each one done. We use questionnaires to help you identify and focus on the important content, and concrete examples to show you how to put it together.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: The fundamentals of academic writing
  • Module 2: How to Write an Introduction
  • Module 3: How to Write Your Literature Review
  • Module 4: Methods and Methodology
  • Module 5: Presenting your Results, Analysis and Discussion
  • Module 6: Conclusions and Preparing to Submit and Defend

What you get

  • Access to live sessions & recordings
  • Worksheets to help you through each chapter of your thesis
  • Ongoing support in our private Slack group
  • Regular live Q&A sessions
  • Access to all future course updates and additional materials

How much does it cost?

The whole course costs £495

Attend the first session for just £30!

You can attend or watch the first session (fundamentals of academic writing) for just £30.

This amount will be discounted if you then sign up for the rest of the course (so you won't pay twice for the same content).

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