Top tips for PhD students under coronavirus lockdown: A chat with productivity coach Olga Degtrayeva

April 13, 2020

Like me, Olga is a former physicist and has been coaching PhD students and scientists since 2010. She was kind enough to take some time to chat and share some fantastic tips to help with adapting to the current lockdown.

00:50 What problems have you seen other PhD students having?
03:00 Working from home when you can't go to the lab or do your usual work
05:00 Some thoughts on writing
08:40 Setting priorities: the master list
12:30 Setting boundaries and managing multiple demands
17:30 Following through when your motivation is low
23:00 Cutting off online distractions
26:00 Consistency!
29:16 Overcoming negative beliefs
34:20 Dealing with extreme anxiety
38:30 Take care of the small things
41:10 The importance of exercise
45:20 Olga's story
48:55 James' story
52:50 Key takeaways and further support


Check out her website and resources below, including a special offer on her writing course.

FREE productivity resources to download at the top of Olga's website
- A poster with 5 top tips to overcome overwhelm
- A list of 126 ways to become more productive right now

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