Searching for inspiration?

How many of you have done this?

You sit down at the computer to get some work done, but it’s just not happening. The ideas are there, you sort of know what you want to do, but you’re just feeling uninspired.

So you open up a browser and search for inspiration… something to trigger that creative spark. But before you know it you have lost half the day just surfing the web.

I do this all the time, but it rarely works. Even if I find an outstanding blog post or YouTube video or TED talk, after I watch one, all I want to do is watch another. It’s easy to justify to myself, but it is nothing more than a gateway to endless procrastination.

But while searching for inspiration I found this blog post by Derek Sivers which stopped me in my tracks.

Musicians, writers, artists, and everyone else, all scouring the world for inspiration…

Yet most of them aren’t feeling inspired enough. They’re looking for more, thinking something else out there will truly inspire them.

[but] nothing is truly inspiring unless you apply it to your work...

You may hear something or see something that gives you a new idea. But it’s only when you stop and think of your work through this new perspective, that you actually jump up and go turn the idea into reality…

The inspiration is not the receiving of information. The inspiration is applying what you’ve received.

You have to pause the input, and focus on your output.

I can’t put it any better than Sivers does. Read the full post here, then apply it!


1 thought on “Searching for inspiration?”

  1. Absolutely, brilliant. I find I have to digest an idea and try to apply it to what I’m doing to get any progress; I try to jot down any great ideas I have away from my writing/desk on post-its or scraps of paper, triggered by “what if” thoughts or “hey, I could use that to solve this problem”. Sometimes I find a mindmap shows me where I have a hole to fill and at least then any search for inspiration is focussed on what’s missing…

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