6 thoughts on “A “complete” education”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to start being coached in January 2019 for the PHD.

    Advise on how to start the process.


  2. Education develops with access you have at hand.Getting Phd opens many doors to get in touch with additional accesses to educate more. Otherwise I fully agree with your basic idea. However, the problem is persons like me can’t pursue their Phd education because of financial constraints as outlined by almost all universities regardless of their attractive advertisements. I fear dying aged with out getting my Phd that i dreamed for for years!!

    • A PhD does open some doors, but there are plenty of possibilities without one, if you’re motivated to look for them.

      It’s true that a PhD is expensive… but why fear dying without a PhD? It’s that kind of disproportionate importance that leads so many people to despair. I can tell you, 11 years after getting a PhD, its importance fades very quickly once you’ve got it.

  3. learning can never stops. since we are adults, we will continue to learning from our experience. life is a school. never stop learning from mistakes that you done.

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