All our courses are now hosted on teachable

This means that if you purchased a course before September 2019, you'll need to register again, but you won't have to pay again. Please read on to find out how to get access to your courses.

Once you have access, you can find everything at

Why the change to teachable?

When I started my website back in 2010, I didn't know that I would create online courses. At the time, everyone was saying that Wordpress was the best platform for creating a blog, so I used it for my site too.

As the website and my business developed, I had to use a whole load of third-party plugins to add functionality. To host online courses, I was using one plugin to handle the membership side (password-protection and user registration) and another for the course management and another for the page layout. These also had to integrate with payment and video hosting platforms.

Basically, it was complicated, expensive and time consuming to make all these services work nicely together, and I was never quite happy with the end result.

Since teachable is designed to deliver online courses and can handle everything, it means I can focus my time on creating content while they handle the delivery.

Because user passwords are encrypted, I can't transfer students from one system to the other. This means you'll need to register again, but you won't have to pay again.

How to access your courses

If you purchased a course before the switch to teachable (September 2019), you should already have received an email with a coupon code or link to sign up for the same course again for free.

If you haven't received the email (or if you received it and accidentally deleted it or can't find it), send me a message below with your name and the email you used to sign up with. If you aren't sure which email you used, you can list alternatives and I'll be able to find you in my records.

Please do not include passwords in your message!

Once you have access

You can find your courses and log in at

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