Tips for part-time PhDs

Do you have any tips for part-time PhD students?

If you’re doing a PhD part-time, the tips I’d give depend very much on what you’re doing with the other part of your time.

If you have a part-time job with predictable hours, it’s easier to manage the two demands than if you’re running your own business, which is easier than if you’re doing a PhD and have a full-time job and you’re raising kids all at the same time.

But I’ll try to give a general answer anyway.

First, treat the PhD with a level of priority that can compete with the other demands on your time. This means that sometimes you have to say no (or not now) to important things so you can work on your PhD.

Set aside time for your PhD and protect that time. If you can’t or won’t do this, it will always be pushed aside by other demands.

Second, make sure you don’t get isolated. Connections with other students and academics can make a huge difference and you might have to make extra effort to make these happen.

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5 thoughts on “Tips for part-time PhDs”

  1. I am part-time, semi-retired (I do consultancy, working from home), PhD student, just staring my 3rd of 6 years, and live on my own. And I am finding it a very lonely pursuit. It’s too easy to go badly off-track when you don’t have frequent feedback. My supervisors are good, but I don’t like to bother them too much. It’s hard, but I am very determined to do this, even though I am not doing it to advance my career. My motivation is internal. It gives purpose and meaning to my life. But it’s still very lonely.
    My university campus is 2 hours from London (where I live) by train, so I only get there once a month to see my supervisors. I need to get out more and meet more PhD students and academics in my field.

  2. Heloo hy sir i wana doing phd and i also secure the admission of phd in statistics but me confuse i am also working at govt deptt as statistical assistant job plz give me the suggesion which i do and wich is best for me plz regard

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