What’s the point of a PhD?

The point of a PhD is really simple…

It’s to prove that you can conduct research on a professional academic level.

Ok, so you’re supposed to contribute something too, but that’s just how they test that you’re capable.

So you set about your project probably not really knowing what you’re doing.

Then you realise how hard it is, as you run into more and more problems.

But gradually you solve them. You find better ways of doing things, faster ways, easier ways.

And when you’ve solved a problem once, it’s much faster next time it crops up.

So after a few years, you’re a much better researcher than you were at the start,and all those problems you solved add up to a detailed and unique practical experience.

First year students come to you for advice and you can instantly see what they’ve done wrong. To you, it’s just because you made the same mistake years ago. To them, you seem like a wizard.

What are your best time saving or productivity tips?

If you could pass on one piece of advice that will save other students masses of time, what would it be?

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2 thoughts on “What’s the point of a PhD?”

  1. One piece of advice would be: if you cannot handle frustration do not start a PhD.
    In a PhD you get results at the end, but you need them to fuel your motivation. So during 2 or 3 years you are going to walk through a dessert and it is going to be hard.
    Starting a PhD and realizing after 2 years that you cannot handle and quitting, is a big time waster.

  2. Do get a good Sv who knows yr field well.. Do lots of reading on area of interest before registering for phd candidature..it’ll save u loads of time later on

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